The Birth of Solar Tax Pros


The electrical sector is evolving positively. It will be entirely different from what you know now in eight years. Learn more about how electricity rates and renewable energy may not be in the best interests of you as a customer.

If you value the environment and want to make financial savings, now is a great time to be alive. That may indicate that you should switch energy providers if that describes you.


What, though, are the electric companies trying to keep you from knowing, and why have they been deceiving us for so long?


Making the switch has many advantages, and the solar industry is growing! Due to its ability to lower air conditioning costs, solar power has been demonstrated to improve home comfort on hot days without requiring chemicals or fossil fuels. In addition, it produces electricity during peak demand hours when prices are at their highest, reduces pollution from coal-fired plants, lowers carbon dioxide emissions, creates jobs in manufacturing and installation, enhances health outcomes through cleaner air quality, and even offers tax credits to defray the cost of the purchase!


Electric companies want to maintain control

The goal of electricity providers is to keep control of the energy industry. Installing solar energy on homes is something they oppose because it would lower their profits. In order to increase their sales, solar companies, on the other hand, want homeowners to install solar panels. The homeowners are the ones who stand to gain the most from this conflict between the solar and electric companies!


Florida homeowners are paying more for electricity, despite rising costs for this utility. But homeowners don’t have to just sit back and take it! 


The benefits of solar energy

Your electric bill can be significantly reduced by using solar power. Furthermore, solar energy is environmentally friendly. It is a more sustainable option because it produces energy without the use of hazardous chemicals or fossil fuels.


Every year, the popularity of solar energy grows as more people become aware of the advantages of moving from traditional electric companies to solar ones. Some of the benefits include:


Rising Electric Price Protection

Because of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, oil prices are expected to soar even further. Many experts predict that gas prices will rise above $5 per gallon and advise being ready for this.


One excellent strategy to shield your pocketbook from rising electricity costs is to use solar energy. With solar power, you can lock in your electric rate for the next 20 years or so, even though the rate at which the electric companies are raising their rates has been alarming.


Another excellent method to reduce your electric bill costs is to use solar energy. By switching to solar power, you can sometimes reduce your electricity costs by up to 50%!


Helps reduce the demand for fossil fuels

The environment benefits from solar energy. It does not contribute to the pollution issue because it does not rely on chemicals or fossil fuels to generate energy.


Solar is a good investment

The use of solar energy is growing in popularity every day. Solar power is far more environmentally friendly than conventional electricity generation methods because it does not require any chemicals or fossil fuels to generate energy.


This is the ideal moment to convert to solar power if you are considering it. Solar energy subsidies from electric companies are beginning to phase out, so the sooner you switch, the more money you can save. Incentives and discounts are also being offered by numerous solar companies to individuals who convert to solar power by 2022.


Among the largest are the customers of Florida Power and Light!


Regulation is driving the shift

Electric companies are fighting back, pushing for regulations that would make it harder for consumers to switch to solar power as they are unable to keep up with the surge in solar power. Electric companies are attempting to pass regulations in many states that would make solar customers sign longer contracts or that would make it illegal for homeowners to sell excess energy back to the grid.


The electric companies claim that these regulations are necessary in order to protect their businesses, but it’s really just an attempt to hold onto their market share. As costs continue to decline, solar energy is growing in popularity and will be adopted by an increasing number of people. The electric companies are aware of this and are making a valiant effort to stick to their outdated methods of conducting business.


However, everyone benefits from solar energy. The benefits to consumers, the economy, and the environment are all positive. Even though the electric companies might not want you to know about it, you can still research it independently. So why not switch to solar today? It is a fantastic method to both save money and protect the environment!


Lobbying against renewable policies

Maintaining consumers’ reliance on conventional energy sources like coal and natural gas is in the best interests of electric companies. For this reason, a large number of them spend millions of dollars lobbying against renewable policies that would facilitate the transition to solar power.


Solar is more affordable than paying the electric company

The electric companies do not want you to know that the cost of solar energy is falling annually. Indeed, over the past ten years, solar energy has become significantly less expensive. Furthermore, as technology develops, solar energy becomes more and more effective, making it a fantastic option for both businesses and homes.


Your electric bill can be reduced with solar power as well. Homes can lower their annual electric bills by hundreds of dollars by selling excess energy back to the utility company in states where net metering laws have been put into place.


Additionally, energy companies would like you to be unaware of the environmental benefits of solar power. Solar energy does not release harmful emissions like carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide like conventional energy sources do. This makes it a more sustainable option for the future.


What actions can you take to retaliate against the electricity companies? The best course of action is to convert to solar power yourself! Depending on your needs, solar companies are offering a wide range of excellent options at increasingly affordable prices.


The biggest electricity provider in Florida, FPL, has been waging a fierce battle to dissuade consumers from switching to solar power. They have been attempting to scare people away from solar energy by disseminating false information.


But why?


In addition to being environmentally friendly, solar energy is a terrific way to reduce your electricity costs. With solar power, you can lock in your electric rate for the next 20 years or so, even though the rate at which the electric companies are raising their rates has been alarming. So what’s FPL’s problem?


They’re scared!


An increasing number of people are switching to solar power, and it is becoming more and more popular every year. Electric companies know that if enough people make the switch, they’ll be out of business. They are therefore making every effort to dissuade people from using solar power.


Don’t let them get away with it!


When considering a solar energy switch, resist the urge to be coerced by electric companies into sticking with them. You will be happy you made the switch to solar power because it is a fantastic way to save costs and protect the environment.


Use our solar calculator to find out how much you can save with solar power and why the electric companies oppose it.

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