Non-Profit Solar Strategy

Give the Gift of Free Energy From the Sun

Non-profits and their donors can now win big with solar and eliminate electric bills while having the government pay most of the costs.  Our strategy can make the same donor gift amount recoup more back from the IRS compared to traditional gifting.


The new Inflation Reduction Act offers Non-Profits a 30% Direct Pay reimbursement from the Department of the Treasury to help cover solar investment costs like other tax-paying entities.

$100,000 Solar Investment

$30,000 Direct Pay Refund

$70,000 Net Solar Costs

This is good for non-profits, but Solar Tax Pros has a better strategy for Non-Profits and their donors.


Let’s first begin with a brief example of income taxation on a high-income taxpayer at the highest income tax bracket of 37%.

Example of Non-Gifting:

$1,000,000 Gross Income

–  $370,000 (37% Income Tax Rate)

$630,000 After Tax Income


When a donor gives to a non-profit, the gifter is credited with a tax deduction that returns money via income tax savings.

Example of Gifting:

$1,000,000 Gross Income

$100,000 Gift

$900,000 Net Income

 – $333,000 (37% Income Tax Rate)

$567,000 After Tax Income

The difference between the two scenarios is $63,000, the true cost of the gift as the donor is returned $37,000 in income tax savings.

$63,000 Net Gift


Example of Gifting Solar with Solar Tax Pros:

$100,000 Solar Purchase on Non-Profit Property (Same Gift Amount)

$60,0000 (60% Solar Incentive Refund)

The same $100,000 gift creates a $60,000 income tax return vs. $37,000 with traditional gifting for a 62% greater income tax benefit than conventional gifting.



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