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Is switching to solar energy something you are interested in but unsure where to begin? This guide will walk you through every step of the process, from figuring out what options you have to get quotes for installation.

More than 3 million homes nationwide are switching to solar power to lessen their dependency on fossil fuels, save money on their electricity bills, and fight climate change. However, what steps are involved in installing those panels? It will be simpler for you to get started with this crucial guide for going solar by taking the step towards sustainability if you learn more about your unique situation, such as your age or type of roof!


Homeowners who use solar power have an incredible experience, but before you can consider yourself “pro,” there are still a lot of things you need to accomplish. Most of these steps will be assisted by your installer, who will also ensure that everything else is installed correctly.


1. Choose a solar company

Selecting an installer who will not be able to assist you if something goes wrong is a mistake you do not want to make. Verify their credentials and insurance by contacting associations such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Ask questions as you review your contract! Before committing, ask specifically what services will be offered and whether any additional equipment is required. Is there any maintenance needed?


2. Make sure the home can support going solar

Make sure your roof can support solar panels if you intend to install them. Knowing when your roof was last replaced may be helpful. If your house is structurally suitable for solar panel installation, an expert installer can determine this. Installing solar panels in addition to other significant investments, like replacing your roof, might also be financially beneficial!


3. Determine your home’s solar sun score

The amount of sunlight that hits your home’s roof each day can make all the difference when it comes to going solar. Solar mapping services and tools are now available, like those on this website which will help you find out how much light penetrates into different areas of your home. This makes it easier to decide what kind of system would be most effective for each unique house. An estimate from distant data sources, like the solar savings calculator, is also included!


4. Calculate your energy consumption

To determine how much power you use annually and seasonally, it is important to look over your past electricity bills. Using this approach is an excellent method for conducting a home energy audit, which enables any required adjustments to be made to optimize the installed system. This includes seasonal requirements, such as air conditioners operating during the summer months due to their higher operating costs compared to other times of the year.


Prepare for potential shifts in consumption in the future.

You may intend to purchase an electric car that requires charging.


It is possible that you recently purchased new energy-saving appliances! Your installer can review these documents if you need further help, but remember that information must always be kept confidential unless approved in writing!


5. Compare your different financial options

The solar industry is expanding quickly, and consumers have a wide range of options. You have three options: lease, where payments are based on monthly rental fees instead of fixed costs, like with an outright purchase, get a loan from an installer that includes the tax credits when you own it (with some restrictions), or buy your system outright!


For your power requirements, you have two options to select from. You can choose to buy the electricity produced by this system at any time, based on the cost per kilowatt-hour, or you can pay a set monthly fee!


6. Submit the required permits and schedule inspections

Be aware that obtaining all required permits and inspections may take several weeks or months when installing a solar power system. This mostly depends on where these procedures are being performed at any given time in your area, so be sure to leave enough time in between appointments!


Note that we are still talking about individual cities/jurisdictions, and each has its own set of rules when it comes to handling such matters (e.g., New York City requires special permission whereas San Francisco does not). The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s SolarTRACE tool may provide an estimate of how long this process might take if performed locally by noting permission statuses from 1 to 5.


Benefits from clean energy can be obtained in multiple ways. Even if rooftop solar is not an option for your house, you can still actively contribute to the goal of 2035 carbon-free electricity by investing in a shared or community program! Visit Homeowners Guide To Going Solar for more details on how to take advantage of this fantastic investment opportunity to go green.


Investing in a shared or community solar program keeps your house at the forefront of attention. Going green puts you in line with those who are speaking out against climate change and taking action! To learn how to get started right now and compare various solar quotes, visit our Homeowner’s Guide.


For all the homeowners out there who are searching for ways to save expenses and lower their energy bills simultaneously, Putting money down now could be exactly what is required before the tax breaks expire later this year (or next).



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Advanced Solar Tax Pros Consulting Menu

Advanced Solar Tax Pros Consulting Menu Is switching to solar energy something you are interested in but unsure where to begin? This guide will walk you through every step of the process, from figuring out what options you have to

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