attention: roofing owners

roofer to solar banner

“We help roofers grow their sales by adding solar and solar incentives to help cover roofing costs.”

Roofer sales Script To Create Solar Interest

“Did you know the government is helping cover most of the costs to go solar with no out of pocket expense.”

“May I have my solar expert call you for a 5-minute phone quote?”

Roofer to Solar Sales Program

Level 1 Roofing to Solar Program:

Refer us to all your existing roofing clients and future roofing clients.

Level 2 Roofing to Solar Program:

We train your salesforce to sell solar.

Level 3 Roofing to Solar Program:

We introduce your team to solar manufacturer installation programs.

Level 3 Details :

1. Partner with an Electrical Contractor or Obtain Electrical License
·       Electrical Contractor is paid per job and handles:
o   Site Survey
o   CAD Blueprint Design
o   Physical Permit Runner (Faster Approval)
o   Permit Tracking
o   Electrical Installation Off the Roof
o   Coordinate Utility Power Shutdowns & Meter Swap
o   Obtain PTO – Permission to Operate Certificate – Job Complete
o   Maintain Solar System & Monitoring
 2. Apply for Solar Bank Financing
·       Sunlight, Dividend, Mosaic, Service Finance, Good Leap, Ygrene, Etc
·       Show detailed financials and have good credit
 3. Hire Experienced Solar Sales Reps
·       Understand Net Meter Agreement in your local area
·       Measure Closing Ratios, Appointments, Advertising, Etc
 4. Buy Solar Software & CRM Follow-up System
·       Pay $10 for each proposal or design for free in software
 5. Complete Solar Contracts & Setup Docusign
 6. Increase Liability Insurance and Workers Comp
 7. Solar Install Training on Roof (3 Day OTJ Training with Ongoing Support)
·       Asphalt, Tile, Metal, Flat Roof
·       Iron Ridge, Solar Stack, S-5, Sealants, Railings, Etc.
 8. Offer Warranty of Solar Install & Service for 25-Years
 9. Order Solar Equipment & Install
 10. Coordinate 3-4 AHJ Inspections (2-3 On Roof)
 11. Get Payment from Solar Bank
 12. Request Referrals/Review