Advanced solar strategies webinar solar tax pros

Thursday, October 26, 2023
11:00am Eastern Time

ABC Supply
6747 Belvedere Blvd, West Palm Beach

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Presentation By

Anthony Matthew
"Solar Maestro"

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Learn How To:

  1. Get 10% – 40% Above 30% Tax Credit

  2. Sell Solar in Under 2 Minutes

  3. Eliminate Dealer Fees

  4. Tax Planning for Solar Installers

  5. Offer Tax Credits Off Reflective Roofs

  6. Create Unbeatable Commercial Plans

  7. Offer 100% Battery Reimbursement

  8. Sell Solar Carports & Gazebos

  9. Earn More Referrals

  10. Achieve 100 Solar Sales Month

Let Our Solar Tax Team Be Your Guide

10,000+ Homeowners Received Extra Solar Incentives

100% Happy
Solar Customers

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