Our expertise lies in maximizing solar incentives for solar investors and their consultants.

Our Solar Tax Max™ Plan Helps Homeowners Collect Up To 70% Federal Solar Refunds

Discover What You Are Entitled To Above The 30% Tax Credit!

Solar Tax Pros Story

Solar Tax Pros is a tax consulting firm specializing in solar incentives maximization strategies, catering to homeowners needing solar installations, commercial solar companies, and roofers


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Solar Pros

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Solar Creates Unparalleled Tax Elimination Strategies

Our mission is not only to assist homeowners in securing a retirement nest egg but also to guide solar professionals in maximizing solar incentives. Whether you’re a homeowner, roofer, or commercial solar sales rep, Solar Tax Pros can help you make the most of your solar investment.


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Financially Engineer Commercial Solar Plans!

You will be surprised what what we can accomplish together!

Energy Tax Credit
Transfer Strategies

We also work with large solar installation companies, aiding them in developing compliance procedures that are essential when explaining solar incentive solutions to homeowners, including those with no income, who may feel misled if they don’t receive promised income tax incentives.