Become Account Manager & Earn Large Residual Income

Our new account manager position creates the opportunity to earn $10,000+ month residually.

Our Solar Tax Max™ Plan & Training Program is a proven product that helps homeowners qualify for federal solar incentives of 10% – 40% more than the the 30% tax credit.

All Solar Sales Professionals need Solar Tax Max™ to lower the cost of solar and win more sales.

If you would like to start introducing our Solar Tax Max™ Plan Training Program to Solar Pro Dealerships please follow the steps below.

Simple Process

Solar Tax Max™ Class
Email Video


Earn Big
Residual Dollars

Email us a link to a simple video resume
privately posted on YouTube:

  1. Introduce your name, where you live, your current job, and availability to perform.
  1. Explain your past sales experience.
  2. Explain why you are a good for the position.
  3. Attend short daily sales call.
  4. Recite the script below (make it powerful).

SOP For Calls to Solar Professionals

    1. Call Reps who have completed course.
      1. Introduction – Hi My name is ______ from Solar Tax Pros.
      2. Noticed you have completed course
      3. Those who present our Solar Tax Max benefit, close 50% more sales and more 50% more commissions
      4. Are you asking questions regarding income and tax liability?

    1. Other Questions to ask:
      1. Are you using the calculator?
      2. Can I show you the new calculator right now?
      3. Let me help you log into the calculator?
      4. How many presentations are you doing a week?
      5. What’s your closing ratio?
      6. What do you say when you talk about Solar Tax Max?
      7. Let’s book a weekly call – schedule weekly touchpoints
      8. We will send you a Send Spark  link to upload a video presentation

    1. Script to Homeowners: “The government is on its hands and knees begging you to go solar. They are giving away money to go solar. Up to 70% of cost to be reimbursed. Is it a bad idea to see what you are entitled to?”
Solar Tax Max™ Class
Email Video


Earn Big
Residual Dollars

Solar Tax Max Wholesale Phone Script to Sales Pros

(Intro must be perfect, confident, and upbeat)

1.      Hi (Solar Pro’s Name) _____?      I am ________ with Solar Tax Pros.

2.      I work with Solar Tax Pros.  We are a solar tax consulting firm helping solar professionals maximize solar incentives for their clients.

3.      We have a strategy called Solar Tax Max written by Harvard Tax Attorneys and CPAs.

4.      Essentially it makes residential homeowners qualify for commercial solar incentives.

5.      Our sister firm’s are Harvard Law Tax Attorneys doing sophisticated tax planning, and CPA’s from Big 4 accounting firms.

6.      This means homeowners with solar can now qualify for:

·         30% tax Credit

·         Possible 10% Tax Credit for being in an Energy Community Area

·         Possible 10% Tax Credit for using Domestic Equipment

·         and a tax deduction worth possibly another 10% – 30%

7.      This can total 40%-80% in federal solar incentives.

8.      Can you see how our tax strategy can collect more money back and help you win you more sales? ____

1.      Lowers solar costs

2.      Increase your profit margins

3.      Increase your closing ratio, and make solar sales fun again!

9.      Is now a bad time to talk?   (if not, schedule a time on calendar)

(Sales Presentation Begins)

10.  Here’s my goal with you today so you can capitalize on Winning More Sales

1.      Complete 30-Minute Class on Maximizing Solar Incentives to WIN MORE SALES!

2.      Complete onboarding call right after the class and answer any questions.

3.      Attend our weekly sales feedback training Zoom calls.

11.  Let’s start by going to our website

Click on the first video and let’s watch it together.

1.      To start, complete the Solar Tax Max™ Certification Training Course that explains everything:

2.       After, you will be prompted to book an onboarding call and we can discuss the next steps.

(Qualification Questions)

12.  How many solar closings do you consistently do per month? _______________

Do you have a team under you? ___________________________________

How many on the team? __________________________________________

How many sales per month?_______________________________________

13.  What challenges are you facing at the moment? ___________________________

14.  What training programs have you paid for?________________________________

15.   When is your weekly company call? ______________________________________

(The Closing)

Here is my irresistible offer to you TODAY.

 1.      First, complete the Solar Tax Max™ Certification Course and get certified.

 2.      Start using our Solar Tax Max™ Calculator to win more sales.

  3.     Use Phone-A-Friend Sales Hotline to help you close sales with homeowners. 

 4.      Attend our weekly training workshops and share your feedback.

 5.      Increase your profits and win more sales.


1.      Pick one State and create a list of top performing sales dealers and EPCs:

a.      Google

b.      State Licensing Department

c.       Solar Power World Magazine

d.      Ask People

e.      LinkedIN, etc.

f.        Attend Solar Shows

g.      Social Media Groups (DO NOT POST IN GROUPS)


2.      Call list using script above and track daily progress with phone reporting:

a.      How many did you call?                                                   GOAL: 100 Dials (4-Hours)

b.      How many did you speak to?                                           GOAL: 10 Conversations

c.       How many signed-up for course?                                    GOAL: 3 Sign-Ups

d.      How many completed course?                                         GOAL: 3 Completed Course

e.      How many attend weekly training?                                   GOAL: 30 Reps Week

f.        How many Tax Max deals submitted weekly per rep?      GOAL: 10 Week

g.      How many Tax Max deals submitted monthly?                 GOAL: 100 Month

It should take 30-90 days to begin reaching 100 sales submissions per month


3.      Duties to Earn Residual Commission:

a.      Onboard a new company we do not currently work with

b.      Have company sign service agreement

c.       Have company attend weekly 10-minute training during their weekly sales calls

d.      Connect with each sales rep and help them grow sales

e.      Field Phone-a-Friend calls and get help if needed

f.        Track weekly Solar Tax Max submissions with Report A Sale, etc.

g.      Complete monthly invoicing client list with company admin

If you do NOT follow-up, provide good service, and complete monthly invoicing you cannot stay on residual commission program.


4.      Commissions:

The goal is to get to 100 sales per month as quickly as possible.

a.      $100 @ 100 Sales Month = $10,000 Month Residual Income

b.     $100 @ 200 Sales Month = $20,000 Month Residual

c.     1 sales rep doing 2.5 sales week = 10 sales

d.    10 sales reps doing 2.5 sales week = 100 sales

e.     1 sales org could be doing 10 – 100+ sales month

If you bring someone in under you, you must pay them from your residual income.


5.      Tracking Sales with Solar Dealers and EPCs:

a.      Solar Pros/Admin can use Report-A-Sale Button under calculator

b.      EPC can copy us on Tax Max sales and email us excel client contact list every month

c.       Solar Pros/Admin can send us client contracts, net-meter agreement, PTO, etc for client file.

Solar Tax Max™ Developed by
Harvard Law Tax Team

America's Trusted
Solar Authority

Solar Tax Max™
Makes Gold!

New Solar Sales

Solar Pros instantly drop net solar costs
for homeowners paying income taxes!

Missed Solar Sales

Revisit prospects that didn't close and show them a new solar offer!

Past Solar Sales

Homeowners can go back back three years to collect missed incentives!

Solar Tax Max™ Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Tax Pros is a tax consulting firm with a team of Certified Public Accounts and Tax Attorneys specializing in energy incentive reimbursement programs .  We have created many proprietary strategies to help solar investors win big.

The Solar Tax Max™ Plan allows homeowners to receive additional Federal income tax incentives of 10%-40% above the 30% Tax Credit.

Depending on how much income tax you pay, solar incentives may be fully collected back in the first year for higher-income earners or a series of years for lower-income earners- until realized. Proper tax planning is required!

Our fee is a small fraction of your newfound income tax savings.

Each person’s tax situation is different but our Solar Tax Max™ calculator estimates solar incentives very accurately.

If you are ever audited our Tax Attorneys and CPAs will defend you in tax court at no cost to you whatsoever and we put this in writing.

Simple Process

Solar Tax Max™ Class
Email Link To Video Resume


Earn Big
Residual Dollars