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Solar Tax Max™ Certification Course
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Solar Strategies

Solar Tax MAX™ is A game changer!

The game has changed and you need to adapt or die! 

Interest rates and dealer fees are killing the market. 

Homeowners are tired of the same old scam sales pitch that promises free solar and hides important information.

In our upcoming online events, Solar Tax Pros experts will discuss ways solar businesses can increase sales in new ways to bring back the glory days of pre-interest rate hikes.

How Legitimate is Our Solar Tax Max™ Plan?

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My client showed me the Solar Tax Max™ Plan after getting a Tesla roof and I was happy to approve the plan and get him much more than the
30% tax credit.
Michael Daszkal
Certified Public Accountant™
I have a full tax team at work and none of them knew the information that Solar Tax Pros shared with me. The costs to research this was very expensive compared with Solar Tax Pros.
Sarah Kim Tolson
Certified Financial Planner™
Solar Tax Pros has helped SVG Solar and our affiliates generate more sales with less work. Some people just bring the goods! Thank you Solar Tax Pros for your great advice.
Anthony Delmedico
SVG Solar
I am Titan's largest virtual sales group and I absolutely love Solar Tax Pros. They helped me with a disgruntled client and saved the day. Awesome work
Ross Erstling
Solar Match USA
Our sales have tripled using Solar Tax Max™ and I am now expanding my team. My clients are paying less for solar. I am too busy to write a long testimonial. Just do it!
Josh Matayka
Noon Day Solar
Our clients are very wealthy and sophisticated with large tax teams. One phone call with Solar Tax Pros and the deal is approved. They really did their homework.
Steven Schwartz
Lucent Energy Tesla Dealer

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