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Solar Tax Pros is a tax consulting firm powered by a group of Ivy League Tax Attorneys and CPAs from Big 4 Accounting Firms.

We specialize in pioneering strategies that use renewable energy income tax incentive benefits available from the new Inflation Reduction Ace that help minimize income taxes.

Behind our innovative thinking are a group of accomplished Ivy League Tax Law Attorneys, CPAs, and Solar Industry Experts, whose combined expertise has led us to develop a suite of groundbreaking solar industry solutions.

Recoup Paid Taxes

We can recover tax money you already paid back from the IRS.

Back Tax Elimination

We can use tax credits to pay back taxes owed.

Future Tax Elimination

We can use tax credits and deductions to pay future tax bills.

Solar Tax Max™ Plan

Solar Tax Max™ Developed by
Ivy League Tax Attorneys

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Tax Pros is a tax consulting firm with a team of Certified Public Accounts and Tax Attorneys specializing in energy incentive reimbursement programs .  We have created many proprietary strategies to help solar investors win big.

The Solar Tax Max™ Plan allows homeowners to receive additional Federal income tax incentives of 10%-40% above the 30% Tax Credit.

Depending on how much income tax you pay, solar incentives may be fully collected back in the first year for higher-income earners or a series of years for lower-income earners- until realized. Proper tax planning is required!

Our fee is a small fraction of your newfound income tax savings.

Each person’s tax situation is different but our Solar Tax Max™ calculator estimates solar incentives very accurately.

If you are ever audited our Tax Attorneys and CPAs will defend you in tax court at no cost to you whatsoever and we put this in writing.

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